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Propane for home heating has long been recognized as a clean-burning, efficient, and cost-saving way to heat your home for years. But did you also know that appliances can also use propane? 
  • Water Heaters: A propane water heater costs 30 percent less than a typical electrical model, and even less if you choose a tankless option 
  • Dryers: Propane units dry faster than electric dryers, decreasing wear and tear on your clothing. 
  • Cooking: A propane range gives you direct, precise control not possible with electric options. 
  • Fireplace: Get that warm, cozy glow with the touch of a button. Propane hearths are also more energy efficient, and without the mess of a wood burning stove. 
  • Space heaters: Propane heaters warm up a room quicker or more efficiently than their electric counterparts. 

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